Get a Great SERP in 4 Months

Get a Great SERP in 4 Months


Getting the number one position on search engines can be a long and tedious process but if done correctly, can be achieved in approximately 4 months.  There are many variables that are considered when implementing on-page and off-page SEO campaign which are listed below:

Long Tail Keywords

The first step is to determine what targeted keywords your campaign will be based on and their competitiveness. Google has a keyword planner tool at that allows you to research hits for different cities or the entire United States.  The more hits per month for a certain keyword will make it more different to rank for.  If you are a local business, I recommend using your city and state as part of your long tail keyword internet marketing method.

Google’s new Panda 4.2 algorithm, rolled out July 2015, concentrates on quality content so each of your web pages should have a minimum of 300 words with 3% keyword density.  I would recommend separate page url’s for different variations of targeted keywords and include them in the page filename Include keywords in the following page meta tags: Title, description, H1, H2, H3 and image alt tags.

High Quality Backlinks/SEO

Tons of high PR or domain authority links equals high search engine ranking for your website and the best method is to utilize the social media arena.  Determine how your products or services can help people in their every lives and write in your own words many articles with anchor text keywords linking back to related pages on your website.  There are many high quality social media sites to post your articles on such as Google+, Pinterest,, Linkedin, Tumblr, Reddit etc.

I would suggest also putting a Blog on your personal or business with these same articles to obtain the keyword density that Google finds when your website is crawled.  Embedding Youtube videos on your web pages helps with the video quality content requirements and provides information about your products in action as opposed to text only.  It also helps with the page bounce rate as studies have shown people would rather watch a video than reading a lot of text.

You can create a free Google Webmaster’s account to find out what keywords Google is picking up from your website along with the most and least prevalency.  Remember keyword density is 3% so the more text content you have, the more you can repeat your long tail keywords.

It’s a good practice to avoid backlinks from paid directories or server link farms.  It would take hundreds of low quality backlinks to equal the link power of just a few high quality sites.  Natural earned backlinks is always preferred to the quick fast method which might get your website penalized.  From past SEO backlinks experience, writing good quality blog articles on a frequent basis seems to get the best SERP results.  Great quality content is extremely important but fresh content added to your website regularly is what Google likes.


SEO is not something you do until a great SERP is obtained, it’s a never ending process if you wish to retain your ranking position.  Only your customer knows their products and services more than an SEO professional so I always ask the customer up front if they can provide blog articles frequently before I take them on as a client. When shopping around for experts to bring your business to the next level, always ask for client references.  If the SEO company you are considering refuses due to client confidentially, this should raise a red flag.

Is Social Media Marketing Effective?

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is a large part of SEO and is the most effective and least expensive way of marketing your products or services. The first step of this process is to write blog articles explaining how your products can help people in their everday lives which will help you target specific search keywords. Let’s say a visitor is searching on a social media site for sports injuries, then write your article explaining how your services or products can help with this. Or you might specialize in holistic medicine so each of your articles would target different types of illnesses.

Quality Content

Your social media articles should have blow out of the water quality SEO content people are looking for. There is no doubt videos have the capability to show your products in action compared to just text. Many people either have limited time or short attention span so I recommend embedding a Youtube video below your article text. Keep your video marketing to around 3 to 5 minutes and the first 30 seconds must grab the visitor’s attention. The output format of your videos should be MPEG-4 AVCHD 1920 x 1080 en encoded with H.264 codec which Adobe Premiere will do quite nicely.

If your social media marketing article has great quality content, visitors will share it and their followers as well increasing the visibility of your products exponentially. To keep visitors returning to your social media site frequently, write new articles on a regular basis.

Posting your articles on different Google+ communities can dramatically increase your product exposure to people around the world. Below are some social media sites you can post your articles:

  • Setup a Facebook business page
  • Setup a Google business page
  • Create boards and pins on Pinterest
  • is owned by Google and a great place to post your articles – create a different URL for each article
  • is one of the oldest and most popular social media sites
  • Tumblr is owned by Yahoo and has over 248 million blogs
  • Linkedin is a business social networking site since 2003 and has approximately 75 million visitors per month
  • Youtube was purchased by Google for $1.65 billion dollars and has over 1 billion visitors per month. If your videos are SEO optimized correctly, they can show up on Google search results.
  • is Google’s competitor which allows for longer videos at 60 minutes with a resolution up to 1280 x 720
  • is basically a video database where you can submit your video URL’s from Youtube or Dailymotion


Writing informative and engaging articles for your social media pages is definitely the way to go for content marketing. One thing Google frowns upon is plagiarism so write articles in your own words to alleviate the possible of your blogs being penalized on searches.

How to Write Great Quality Content for Blogs

How to Write Great Quality Content for Blogs

quality content for SEO

Quality Content For SEO//

SEO geeks know quality content is the one of the major factors when implementing internet marketing and many people ask me “what is great quality content”? Blogs containing 500 to 800 words integrated with your targeted long tail keywords can be good for SEO but will your visitors read the entire article if it’s long winded and not informative? Great internet marketing is a result of providing outstanding content which attracts visitors and keeps them returning on a regular basis. We all know people search the internet for information and one must provide the best possible blow out of the water content to attract and keep visitors returning to your blog or website.

Target Different Audiences

If you are pushing your products or services, write your blog content to target different audiences. Let’s say your company sells biomedical feedback devices that helps with tinnitus or elderly people with arthritis. Obviously your 2 blogs would be about what causes arthritis and tinnitus and how your products can help with the symptoms. Or maybe a blog about sports injuries with information how your products help with those as well.

Video Content

There are a percentage of people who would rather watch a video than read and this is why a video marketing campaign should be part of your blog or website content. Youtube has proven this with over 1 billion visitors per month. The best method I’ve found is to embed a Youtube video just below your blog article so you cater to those who want to read, watch a video or both. I recommend keeping your video around 3 to 5 minutes for those having a short attention span or with limitied time on hand.

New Quality Content Frequency

Write new and interesting blog articles on a regular basis as this will keep visitors returning and more than likely will follow and share your content on their social media pages which can dramatically give your website or blog more page authority resulting in a better search engine page results.


Remember the goal is not to write about how your products/services are less expensive than your competitor or brag about your company. Write informative articles about how your products/services can help visitors with their everyday life. Determination and imagination is the key to writing great SEO quality content that visitors are looking for!

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

video marketing

Video marketing is the future of content marketing and appears to be the best method of showing off your products or services on the internet. Youtube receives more than 1 billion visitors each month so no doubt this is a viable source of content marketing.

Cisco Corporation operates the backbone of the internet with it’s high tech routers and stated “video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017

Optimized videos on Youtube or Dailymotion can achieve good SERP results and this article explains why video is an important part of content marketing.

Youtube prefers high definition videos 1280 x 720 dpi or higher in resolution.

  • Video title should contain targeted long tail keywords
  • Video description should begin with for a backlink to your website followed by a description of the video with targeted keywords.
  • Add video tags below the description with included long tail keywords
  • Under advanced setting choose category, video language, recording date and under caption certification choose “this content has never aired on television in the US. is another video sharing service limiting your video to 2 GB and 60 minutes. is like a video social bookmarking site where you can put all the video URL’s from Youtube and Dailymotion. Vimeo is similar with the exception you can only upload a certain amount of videos each month without paying for a subscription.

Embeding videos on your website and social media blogs engages visitors more which results longer stays thus reducing your site’s bounce rate. One thing to keep in mind when producing and editing your videos is to make sure the first 30 seconds grabs the visitor’s attention and total video length of around 3 to 4 minutes.