SEO Methods For Success!

SEO Methods For Success!


Have a new business and want a website on page one of Google searches and ask yourself where do I start?  Maybe your selling products and want a shopping cart on your website and confused how to setup Ecommerce?  Maybe you are using a web design template or want to contact a web design expert?  Maybe you want to learn how to do on page or off page SEO or hire an SEO expert which can be quite expensive.  So many questions can make your head spin so you spend many hours on the internet doing research and it even gets more confusing.

It takes many years to learn this entire process so don’t risk your possible success by trying to do it yourself.  So the dilemma is where can I find a reputable web design and SEO professional company  that will do a good job and not rip me off?  If you talk to a representative who answers all your questions and not in a hurry to get you off the phone or pressures you to sign up for the most expensive package, they are most likely a honest and reputable company.   I would then ask to speak to some of their past customers and if they refuse, hang up and continue with other prospects.  An SEO company relies on its reputation for success and of course what goes around comes around.  Success of a company depends on  the experience, intelligence and motivation of its employees.

Choose your domain name wisely which should be short and easy to remember containing your most important keyword.  There are low and high competitive keywords so if you are choosing a high competitive keyword, you might want to consider long tail keywords.  For example if you are selling leather boots, you might want to consider targeting certain cities as opposed to competing with  companies selling leather boots in all 50 states.  So if you are a company in Columbus, GA selling leather boots then your longtail keywords would be “leather boots Columbus, GA”.  Now your chances of obtaining SERP excellence for this certain city would be greater than being on page one of Google for cities in all 50 states that sell leather boots.

On Page SEO For Web Pages

Now that you’ve chosen your domain name and longtail keywords, it’s time to make your website mobile responsive on all devices since Google now requires this as of April 21, 2015 or face a ranking penalty on mobile searches.   Before implementing the internet marketing process, make sure to perform on page SEO for your website.  This ensures you’ve correctly placed keywords in your page title and description meta tags in addition to H1, H2 and H3 tags as well.  Your URL filenames should also include your longtail keywords.  The understanding of SEO process consist of many variables that work hand in hand to make your website appears on page one of searches.

Make sure your web pages contain 600 or more words of content with embedded videos and if you have images, give them an alt tag description containing your keywords.  Videos are so important because they show your products and services in action much better than text and images thus reducing your website bounce rate.

Website loading speed is now a part of the ranking algorithm so limit javascript and third party call to actions such as social media widgets.  Optimize your jpeg images to 96 dpi and limit png transparent images as they can be large in file size.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing process to expose your website to millions of potential customers which can be very confusing since a lot of information on the internet is conflicting and biased.  No doubt social media marketing is by far the best method of content marketing.  I would suggest saturating social media sites with blow out of the water blog articles explaining how your products or services are the best value for the money.  In these articles you can implement anchor text links back to different pages on your website to increase your and domain authority thus increasing your SERP.


One last important suggestion is to apply for a free Google Webmaster Tools account to get periodically statistical reports for your website including visitors per day, bounce rate, keyword priority, total backlinks and much more by including some HTML tracking code in the head section of your web pages.  Good luck with your SEO campaign and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.