Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Internet marketing for your products or services was rather difficult prior to the onset of social media. With the right social media marketing campaign there is no doubt you can achieve success beyond your expectations. Many of these sites have a high domain authority which can give your ecommerce site an excellent SERP (search engine ranking position). But of course the first question is how do I get started?

First make sure your website is optimized and ready for a social media campaign.

  • Is your website mobile responsive?
  • Have you implemented On-Page SEO for your websites?
  • Does your website contain engaging original content?
  • Minimum of 300 words per page with keywords in the H1, H2 and H3 tags
  • Most important keywords in the first sentence of the first paragraph
  • Long tail keywords in the page title and description meta tags
  • Does your website contain embedded videos about your products or services?
  • Have you implemented Google Analytics?
  • Easy navigation with no broken links

Next write informative articles about your products or services with promo videos showing your products in action. Setup social media accounts on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr,, WordPress and Youtube. As I’ve mentioned before in other articles, text and pics alone will not engage visitors to stay on your website and reduce your site’s bounce rate. Articles you generated for these social media pages should have embedded as well. Make sure each blog is around 400 to 500 words and include anchor text backlinks in the body of your text to different pages on your website pages giving them more page authority.

Social media marketing is not something you do until you achieve your targeted SERP. New blogs need to be added on a regular basis because Google loves new content as this engages customers to keep coming back to your blog.


Using social media marketing to increase your website’s page authority is how you achieve excellent SERP because visitors who follow your blog will result in their followers linking back to your blog increasing your backlinks exponentially to your website.

Master’s SEO Guide

Master’s SEO Guide


SEO is a method to make sure your website is Google friendly and can be found easily on search engines.  This process can be very expensive and if you hire an expert, ask for references or you might be out alot of money with no results.

Social media marketing seems to be the best way of getting information about your services or products to the public and is an efficient way of content marketing.

As mentioned before, Google likes original fresh content so keep your site updated on a regular basis and try to have around 300 to 500 words per page with embedded videos which engages visitors more and reduces your page bounce rate.

Site structure with easy navigation is important to give visitors a pleasant experience making it easy to find what they are looking for. Check for broken infrastructure links as Google will pickup on this when your site is crawled by Googlebot.

Applying for a free Google Webmasters account is extremely important in order to view analytics and statistics about your website. In the analytics section you can generate Google html tracking code which is placed in the head section of your web page.

  • Guest Blogging– This is still a viable source of backlinks, however, make sure the blog is relevant to your product or services and has a high domain authority.
  • Social Media
    • Alot of online articles state social signals are not backlinks, however, I have to disagree since I’ve used this method and obtained excellent SERP. Google Webmaster Tools backlinks section shows many links from alot of social media places such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, Blogspot, Google+, etc. Click on the image below to view a snapshot of Google Webmaster Tools backlinks section.
    • Write original engaging articles pertaining to your products or services, including embedded videos, posting them on all your social media sites. Each article you post should include anchor text pointing back to different pages on your website giving them backlinks and page authority. Do not repeat over and over the same anchor text words; spice it up alittle with different long tail keywords.
    • If your article content is very informative, visitors will re-pin, follow, or link to it as well as their followers, increasing your backlinks exponentially.

Video MarketingThere are many video sharing services on the internet such as Youtube and Dailymotion where you can also obtain backlinks. The first line of video description should start with your url and continue with your video description including targeted keywords. If your videos are optimized properly, they can show up in Google’s search engine results.

Domain Authority//

Since Domain authority consist of many different metrics, the best method of improvement is to improve your overall SEO. Back links are the most important factor calculating your Domain Authority score. You should focus on building high quality do follow backlinks from high PR sites. Avoid server link farms and paid directories. Guest blogging on blogs with higher DA than yours is an excellent way to increase your website DA, however, be cautious about using the same link anchor text repeatedly; change your words around. Make sure you get do follow backlinks from your guest post.

Social Media

Google’s algorithm includes a social media factor affecting the DA and SERP of websites. Your articles on these social media sites, with unique high quality content, will shared by your followers which in turn will be shared by their followers resulting a better DA. Don’t forget to include some link anchor text in your articles pointing back to your website pages that are revelant to the article.