Get a Great SERP in 4 Months

Get a Great SERP in 4 Months


Getting the number one position on search engines can be a long and tedious process but if done correctly, can be achieved in approximately 4 months.  There are many variables that are considered when implementing on-page and off-page SEO campaign which are listed below:

Long Tail Keywords

The first step is to determine what targeted keywords your campaign will be based on and their competitiveness. Google has a keyword planner tool at that allows you to research hits for different cities or the entire United States.  The more hits per month for a certain keyword will make it more different to rank for.  If you are a local business, I recommend using your city and state as part of your long tail keyword internet marketing method.

Google’s new Panda 4.2 algorithm, rolled out July 2015, concentrates on quality content so each of your web pages should have a minimum of 300 words with 3% keyword density.  I would recommend separate page url’s for different variations of targeted keywords and include them in the page filename Include keywords in the following page meta tags: Title, description, H1, H2, H3 and image alt tags.

High Quality Backlinks/SEO

Tons of high PR or domain authority links equals high search engine ranking for your website and the best method is to utilize the social media arena.  Determine how your products or services can help people in their every lives and write in your own words many articles with anchor text keywords linking back to related pages on your website.  There are many high quality social media sites to post your articles on such as Google+, Pinterest,, Linkedin, Tumblr, Reddit etc.

I would suggest also putting a Blog on your personal or business with these same articles to obtain the keyword density that Google finds when your website is crawled.  Embedding Youtube videos on your web pages helps with the video quality content requirements and provides information about your products in action as opposed to text only.  It also helps with the page bounce rate as studies have shown people would rather watch a video than reading a lot of text.

You can create a free Google Webmaster’s account to find out what keywords Google is picking up from your website along with the most and least prevalency.  Remember keyword density is 3% so the more text content you have, the more you can repeat your long tail keywords.

It’s a good practice to avoid backlinks from paid directories or server link farms.  It would take hundreds of low quality backlinks to equal the link power of just a few high quality sites.  Natural earned backlinks is always preferred to the quick fast method which might get your website penalized.  From past SEO backlinks experience, writing good quality blog articles on a frequent basis seems to get the best SERP results.  Great quality content is extremely important but fresh content added to your website regularly is what Google likes.


SEO is not something you do until a great SERP is obtained, it’s a never ending process if you wish to retain your ranking position.  Only your customer knows their products and services more than an SEO professional so I always ask the customer up front if they can provide blog articles frequently before I take them on as a client. When shopping around for experts to bring your business to the next level, always ask for client references.  If the SEO company you are considering refuses due to client confidentially, this should raise a red flag.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid


SEO mistakes

SEO experts have used anchor text links with keywords to increase their SERP in the past, however, do not spam your anchor text links with the same keywords, spice it up with different words. Below are some methods you should avoid when implementing your SEO campaign.

Spammy Guest Blogging

There are spam guest blogging and legitimate guest blogging. Google will see guest post links that are not relevant to the site’s theme as spam.

Quanty of Links Over Quality

A few high quality PR9 backlinks is worth more than hundreds of PR1 backlinks so save time and concentrate on high quality backlinks.

Keyword Density

Long tail keyword stuffing gets penalized more frequently compared to head terms. Keyword density should be no more than 3% to the more content you have, the more keywords you can use. Use keywords which are relevant to the page’s title and description tag.

Don’t Rely on Backlinks and Ignore Original Quality Content

Long tail keyword stuffing gets penalized more frequently compared to head terms. Keyword density should be no more than 3% to the more content you have, the more keywords you can use. Use keywords which are relevant to the page’s title and description tag.

Do not use paid directories or server link farms to get your backlink or this might get you penalized from Google on search results.

Google always likes orginial fresh content so keep your website updated regularly and also update the date line in your sitemap file.

Boost SERP With Responsive Web Design

Boost SERP

Boost SERP With Responsive Web Design//

In the early 1990’s when cell phones first appeared on the market, they were big, bulky, short battery life and did nothing more than making a phone call, however, today 22 years later cell phones have evolved from analog to digital and merged with the internet to provide people instant information anywhere. Google states as of April 2015, approximately 50% of world wide internet traffic is now on mobile devices and growing yearly. As a result, Google is now requiring websites to be mobile friendly or risk being penalized on mobile searches.

Bootstrap is the future of web design and fairly new so there isn’t a lot of installable GUI programs on the market to purchase. In fact, there is not a lot of tutorials on the internet to help one learn how to write the code. GitHub is an online resource for lots of plugins and is definitely worth checking out.

I would definitely recommend learning CSS and Javascript so you have an advantage of learning this new way of responsive web design. Here at we are now offering this new technology in addition to the state of the art ecommerce solutions helping you sell your products online.

We now offer a combination of video and social media marketing to help increase the sales of your products or services so call us today and our team of experts can help you get started on your marketing campaign.